May 31, 2022Liked by Yoann Lopez

Hello Yoann,

Well, I hit the button reply as you can see!

I follow Snowball since the early stage (May 14, 2020).

Motivation ? I could spend my days reading and learning stuff about investments (I have Google Sheet to follow all my crazy investments).

Also, I started to learn blockchain with the basic, solidity courses, to be involve in web3 in the futur.

If my profil hit you, let me know, highly available to chat.


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Jun 15, 2022Liked by Yoann Lopez

Keep it up Yo ! Thanks for the update ! Will share your presentation deck.

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Jun 2, 2022Liked by Yoann Lopez

Hi Yoann,

First, congrats for these new steps & this progression.

Don't hesitate if you need advice on cybersecurity, security measures, best practices...

I will be happy to help you and the Snowball community.

Take care of you

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May 31, 2022Liked by Yoann Lopez

Always interesting to see the progress! Out of curiosity, what is the solution you found to move USD to EUR?

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