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In February 2020, I started a newsletter about personal finance called Snowball (in French 🇫🇷). As I’m writing this, I’m approaching 24,000 subscribers including close to 4,000 paid subscribers. Being passionate about entrepreneurship, new models of organizations, and empowering people to live a simpler, and more independent life allowing them to express their creativity, I’ve quickly realized that turning Snowball into something bigger was the right thing to do for me. That’s why I created Snowball XYZ, Inc. and turning it into a Fintech.

Financial independence is so important in our lives.

I’m not talking about being rich or extremely wealthy, but about using money to enhance our freedom.

Those who know me are aware that I love to share a lot of stuff publicly. From my extensive YOLO reports to my Life’s Vision.

Naturally, I thought about building this new, and bigger thing in front of you.

Here you are.

What am I gonna talk about? Basically everything related to building a business. From naming, branding, organization, and processes to my metrics or building a strategy.

I hope this will inspire and help people to build their own things.

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This is the backstage of www.snowball.xyz, which used to be a simple newsletter that I'm turning into a fintech: Snowball XYZ, Inc.


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